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Musclemag InternationalMusclemag International
Fitness Rx For Men succeeds as your one stop fitness information source, focusing on the most scientific, cutting edge research available on training, diet and nutrition, and by serving it up in a comprehensive, entertaining fashion.

Issues: 12 issues/12 months

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Musclemag International - September '05 Edition

We haven't seen much of Skip LaCour in recent years, but he'll be first to tell you that he got his start in competitive bodybuilding at Musclemania. The '94 MM World Champion tells his story this month in Musclemag including how he has become a popular motivational speaker and role model for natural bodybuilders everywhere. The 5'10", 210 lbs. sensation still lives in Northern California and is sponsored by AST Nutrition.

Musclemag International  Musclemag International  Musclemag International  Musclemag International

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